Carlos Arroyo Architects is a Madrid based architecture and planning office
of international scope, with built work and projects in Spain, France, Belgium,
Argentina, Colombia and Rwanda.
Our multidisciplinary team conducts projects of a varied nature, with a strong
emphasis on innovation and sustainable development; innovation on all scales,
from building technology to landscape management, developing new types
of public building, or researching into new forms of housing.
Sustainability is an essential driving force of our work, which has been
described by critics as "sustainable exuberance".

  director   collaborators
  Carlos Arroyo Zapatero Pieter Van Den Berge  
      David Berkvens  
  project leaders   Benjamin Claeys  
  Vanessa Cerezo   Paula Cortés  
  Carmina Casajuana   Sophie Devaux  
      Ana Belén Franco  
  communication   Martin Hochrein
  Érika Goyarrola   Jan Lacina  
      Natalia Matesanz  
      Irene Alvarez de Miranda  
      Miguel Paredes  
      Luis Salinas  
      María Gabriela Sanz  
      Beatriz Sendín  
      Riikka Stockstrom  
      Benjamin Verhees  
      Alexander Krol  
      Rafael Otero  
David Jimenez Iniesta
Carlos Arroyo Zapatero
Vaness Cerezo
Carmina Casajuana
Pieter Van Den Berge
Érika Goyarrola